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Mature's Cinematic Debut 2

"Damn!"...she said. "First watching my Bill doing you in the ass and now Walter has made me so fucking hot for a cock in my ass I'd ask the first man that walked through the front door to do me. Even if it was the local Pastor."

By the time Walter cummed in my ass Rita was having an orgasm. Come to find out it would be the first of a number of orgasms for us before the afternoon was over. And smart move by Cindy getting some towels because when Rita orgasms she's definitely a "squirter". 

She grabbed a towel and placed in front of her just as her vaginal fluids came pouring out of her cunt. What an explosive orgasm she had. I couldn't recall ever watching another woman bringing herself to an orgasm like she did by herself. It turned me on as much as watching the video. Maybe more so.

When done cumming, Rita continued playing with her pussy, albeit less intently. 

As for Cindy, after watching Rita cum like she did she attacked her own pussy and clit more vigorously than she already had been. When she did it didn't take long for her to orgasm too. She bucked and shook for what seemed like five minutes before she settled back down. And like Rita she wisely placed a towel beneath her pussy to catch her own vaginal fluids that gushed out. 

Watching them both masturbate and cum like they did was definitely more entertaining than the video. At least for me. So much so I found myself fingering my own clit. What a sight we must have been. Three mature women masturbating while watching a "porno" flic. I wondered if mature men sat around and jacked themselves off when watching porn. 

Cindy and Rita came over to sit beside me while I continued to masturbate. Rita began kissing me and while doing so she removed my hand from my pussy and replaced it with hers. Then she began rubbing my clit with two fingers while mouth fucking me with her tongue. 

Cindy on the opposite side from Rita was busy fondling and kissing my tits. Her tongue and mouth on my nipples got them rigid as a pencil erasers and half an inch long. They almost ached from getting so hard.

For all intent and purposes I was practically lying down with my legs spread out straight on the coffee table. Both my hands were on the back of their heads. One to hold Rita while we passionately kissed and the other to hold Cindy tightly against my breasts.

It didn't take long between Rita fingering me and Cindy attacking my tits before I orgasmed. When I did I broke away from kissing Rita so I could let out a load scream while humping like crazy against her hand and fingers as they stroked my pussy and clit. 

That was the first orgasm I ever had from another woman masturbating me and it was simply delicious. Wisely I put a towel under me beforehand since I needed it. Otherwise I would have soaked Cindy's sofa with my own vaginal fluids that came out in multiple streams. 

When I was done cumming I kissed both Rita and Cindy and thanked them for the "helping hand" and the wonderful orgasm. "I couldn't have done better myself."

Cumming like I did after watching them both orgasm was truly incredible. But the afternoon activities were far from over and more incredible things were yet to happen. 

Cindy paused the DVD so we all could regain our composure. When she did, Rita stated how jealous she was of yours truly getting to experience an "anal trifecta" like I did. And to record it too for future viewing pleasure. "No doubt you and Walter will have some serious sex when watching this together. I know Bill and I will for sure."

Then she added..."I'm still looking forward to my first double ass-fucking. Let alone a triple ass-fucking. Which I can tell you after viewing this DVD is going to happen the first opportunity I get. Can't wait and I hope it will be soon."

Rita asked Cindy to restart the DVD, but to rewind it to the point where Walter first inserts his cock in my asshole. Then she grabbed an anal dildo from the tray, lubricated it and slowly inserted in her asshole as she watched Walter insert his cock in mine.

As the scene played out on the TV of Walter plowing his cock in & out of my butthole Rita was doing the same with the dildo in hers while gently rubbing her clit. It was easy to surmise she was imagining it was Walter's long cock in her ass versus the dildo. She didn't seem in a rush to orgasm this time as she pumped the dildo in & out of her asshole with long, slow, but deliberate strokes. 

Wasn't long before both Cindy and I also had dildos in our assholes. Mine being much bigger than Cindy's by choice. The only difference with Cindy and I, we fondled our tits while dildoing our assholes versus rubbing our clits. Once again I wondered what a sight it would be for somebody to see three mature women stark naked dildoing their respective assholes as we all were together.

Next up in the DVD was David with his short fat cock. As he slid it in my asshole Rita couldn't help but comment on how fat it was and how good it must have felt after Bill and Walter's slimmer cocks. 

I concurred then said..."Based on our upcoming "sixsome" you'll get the chance to feel David's fat cock doing you in the ass. And when you do I can assure you your anus will be stretched to the limit. But in a pleasurable way."

Next came the part in the DVD where all three cumloads oozed out of my gaping anus. Walter did a great job of recording it and when Rita saw the multiple cumloads exiting my asshole she shoved the dildo as far as she could in hers and orgasmed. 

Both Cindy and I joined her shortly afterwards with our own orgasms. And as is the norm for me, mine was accompanied by a series of cunt farts. 

I can't recall having two orgasms so close together as I did. Cindy and Rita claimed it was the same case for them too. At the rate we were going we'd all be exhausted by the time the DVD ended. But by then the only part left to play out in the video was when Walter, Bill and David jacked off and shot their cumloads on me. 

"Wow"...said Rita. "That must have been so incredible with them shooting their hot cumloads on you like they did Lacey. That's another thing I need to add to my bucket list."

Cindy laughed then said jokingly..."If you want, Lacey and I together could cover you with more pussy juice than they ever could in cum. And I think you'd find it just as enjoyable. Maybe more so."

"Now there's a thought."...replied Rita. Who was taking the suggestion more seriously than Cindy was in proposing it.

Right about then the DVD ended. When it did we all kind of looked at each other as though to say "what now?"

At that point Cindy suggested we head for the bedroom for some intimate "play time". She didn't have to mention it twice. After a quick visit to the bathroom we all ended up on her king size bed kissing, hugging and groping each other. 

Once again, I was imagining what a sight it would be of three mature women on a bed all going after each other like teenagers.

Hard to recall who did exactly what to whom. But I do remember going down on both Rita and Cindy. It was the first time I ever did go down on Rita and it was quite an experience making oral love to an extremely hairy pussy. Cindy was just the opposite. A totally clean shaven pussy. Which she has kept that way ever since our first foursome together. 

As for yours truly, I'm kind of in between when it comes to pubic hair. Actually mine is very sparse and fine. If you put your hand on my pubic mound without seeing it first you swear it was shaved. Even at first glance it looks bald since my pubic hair is so fine and there's so little of it. Plus it's a very light brown or dirty blonde in color. Totally natural though, albeit not nearly as much hair as when younger.

Back to the action. I also do recall both Rita and Cindy going down on yours truly for a while. And if I had to rate them, Cindy would win hands down as being the best between the two when it comes to eating pussy. Most likely because she's had more experience where as with Rita it's more of a recent thing. Being a late blooming bisexual like yours truly.

What I remember best was when we were in a "daisy chain" eating each other's pussies. Me doing Rita, Rita eating Cindy, and Cindy munching on yours truly. When it came time for us to orgasm Cindy suggested her and I do it while standing spread legged over Rita. That way we could let our vaginal fluids shoot down on Rita when we orgasmed.

At first I thought she was joking, but when the time came that's exactly what we did. Rita stayed on the bed lying face up while fingering her clit as Cindy and I brought on our orgasms while fingering ourselves as we stood spread legged over her. Then as if on cue we all began to orgasm together. 

No sooner than we did both Cindy and I sprayed Rita with copious amounts of pussy juice just as she was having her own orgasm. Our vaginal fluids covered Rita from her hairy pubic mound to her breasts. Some might have even sprayed on her face.

I never orgasmed from masturbating while standing upright and I had all I could do to maintain my balance since my legs became so weak and wobbly. I had to grab onto Cindy to keep from falling. She was facing me so when I did she embraced me and began French kissing me. 

There we stood with arms wrapped around each other sucking each other's tongues while pussy juice continued to flow from our respective cunts down onto to Rita.

Rita squealed with delight when our vaginal fluids sprayed down on her. With one hand she rubbed our vaginal fluids into her body while with the other she continued to rub her clit and pussy. 

Once Cindy and I were done cumming we lied down on each side of Rita and took turns kissing her. We also took turns between gently fondling her very hairy pubic mound and breasts as she slowly recovered from her own orgasm. 

"You weren't kidding Cindy, when you said drenching me in pussy juice would be enjoyable. I guess you could call me a lesbian cum slut since I enjoyed it so much. WOW! That was fun."

Finally it was time to call an end to our "lesbian love fest". It was getting late and we all had dinners to prepare for when Walter, Bill and David arrived home from work. Once dressed and just before leaving we all kissed and hugged. Albeit more lovingly than we when first greeted each other earlier in the afternoon. We also briefly discussed making a get together like we just had an occasional thing. The one proviso was when we did one of us had to bring a DVD or tape of our own personal sexcapades to share.

Just as Rita and I were leaving David pulled into the driveway. Both Rita and I greeted him and told him we were looking forward to our planned "sixsome" together. Which couldn't be soon enough now for Rita. 

When he asked why, I explained about the DVD and of how Rita was now looking forward to him doing her in the ass. While Rita blushed, David gave her a big smile and said it would be his pleasure when the time came.

Mature's Cinematic Debut

It took a few weeks, but my husband Walter finally edited the digital videos he took of my "anal trifecta" as I call it and combined them into a single DVD. More work than he expected since he used two digital recorders. Which in case you didn't read "Mature's birthday surprise" was of yours truly getting ass-fucked three times consecutively.

Walter gave me two DVD's. One each for Cindy and Rita, to hand deliver since they asked if he would video my "birthday surprise" for them with my consent. He then asked if I wanted to view the DVD.

I gave it some thought and decided against it. At least not yet. I assumed when I brought Cindy her copy she would likely want to view it immediately, and with me present. I figured if I saw it beforehand and wasn't thrilled I might change my mind about sharing a DVD with her and Rita. Which would be difficult since we already agreed we would. Plus David and Bill would want to see the DVD also.

The next day I called Cindy and told her I had her and Rita's DVD that we promised. She said she was beginning to wonder what was taking so long so I explained how it was more time consuming for Walter than he figured.

"Well, I'm excited it's finally done."...replied Cindy. "Can't wait to see it and soon. How about you bringing both DVD's over to the house Monday afternoon and I'll make sure Rita is here since it's her day off from work and we can all watch it together."

"That will work for me."...I replied. Although I was a bit hesitant about viewing my "anal trifecta" with Cindy and Rita. Then again, it could be fun watching their reaction to things even though I was making it a point not to view the DVD beforehand. Pretty risky on my part, but...

Monday rolled around fast since I called Cindy on a Saturday prior to. I arrived at her house around 1:00PM and when I did Rita's car was already in the driveway. Before I reached the front door Cindy came out to greet me with a big hug and kiss.

We went into the family room where Rita was who also greeted me. Albeit a bit more aggressively than Cindy. Then Cindy got us some wine and we casually talked a bit before Rita said..."Enough with the idle chatter. I'm dying to see the DVD so let's get on with it."

"Before we do."...I said. "Please understand I haven't seen the DVD myself yet so I can't vouch for it being any good, or even worth watching. Hopefully it will be and please be kind since this is the first time I've ever watched a sex video of myself with anyone other than Walter."

"I'm sure it will be fine."...Cindy replied. "As for Rita and I being kind. No need to worry. Just relax and enjoy your cinematic debut with us. I'm sure it'll be as exciting for you to watch as it will be for us."

Before playing the DVD Cindy got another glass of wine for everyone. Then she popped the DVD into the player and pressed the play button on the remote.

We were sitting on the sofa in a semi-circle when the DVD started playing. Walter added a title to the video, which he labeled as "Lacey's Birthday Surprise". He added credits such as starring you know who and co-starring Walter, Bill and David. He even gave himself credit for "editing". Kind of hammy of him I thought.

Then the action started, which I won't go into the details since I already did in "Mature's birthday surprise". But I will say upon seeing what I saw in the first few minutes of the DVD I was impressed with Walter's recording and editing skills, and how well the "action" on the big screen TV viewed. The quality was as good as some porno flics I've watched. Albeit the more amateurish ones.

It was difficult trying to watch both Cindy and Rita's reaction and the DVD itself for the first time. I found myself mostly paying attention to Rita and Cindy and it didn't take long to realize they were both getting turned on by things. Especially Rita since I know she enjoys anal sex as much, if not more, than yours truly.

Right about the time when Walter was inserting his cock in my ass in the DVD Rita started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Somewhat timidly at first then more openly as she couldn't seem to help herself as she watched Walter plowing his long cock in & out my asshole.

I noticed Cindy's hand go down between her legs too. Although she was trying to be more discreet than Rita. Can't say that I blamed them as what I did watch of the DVD in between observing Cindy and Rita, it was having the same effect on me. Maybe more so from watching Cindy and Rita getting hot and bothered as they were from what was playing out on the TV.

Then unexpectedly Rita blurted out..."Pause the DVD Cindy. I don't know about you two, but I need to get naked. This is making me so frigging horny I need to masturbate while watching it."

Cindy paused the DVD where upon Rita completely undressed. First removing her top and bra. Followed by her jeans and panties, of which the latter were soaking wet. Before I knew it she was sitting there in her birthday suit with legs spread and her hairy cunt drenched in pussy juice.

Cindy left the room and returned with a freshly opened bottle of wine. Then she left again for her bedroom. When she returned she had a tray of assorted dildos, vibrators, different containers of lubricants and some towels.

After placing the tray on the coffee table she stripped naked too. And like Rita, when she removed her panties it was soaking wet also.

Then Cindy said..."C'mon Lacey. You need to get naked too. Don't tell me you're going to sit there watching this for the first time fully dressed? If you were home watching it with Walter you'd both be bare-ass and going at each other like crazy."

"I wouldn't think of it with you two both naked as jay birds. Not forgetting all the nice toys you were kind enough to share so as to "enhance" our viewing pleasure."

Once we were all naked Cindy restarted the DVD. No sooner than she did Rita attacked her pussy and clit as she leaned back with her legs fully spread and feet on the coffee table. Since the sofa was bow shaped and I was seated on the opposite side I had a clear view of her masturbating.

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Mature's Cinematic Debut 2

"Damn!"...she said. "First watching my Bill doing you in the ass and now Walter has made me so fucking hot for a cock in my a...